Joint statement by YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al Firat

April 20, 2015 0

Kobane (Hawar News) – YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al Firat forces have issued a joint statement regarding the joint operation they are carrying out in the south of Kobanê, saying that the operations will continue until […]


Syria: Chemicals Used in Idlib Attacks

April 14, 2015 0

New York – Evidence strongly suggests that Syrian government forces used toxic chemicals in several barrel bomb attacks in Idlib governorate between March 16 and 31, 2015. Syrian rescue workers reported that these attacks affected […]


Al-Nusra terrorists kidnap 300 Kurds in Aleppo

April 6, 2015 0

KDN – Al-Qaida linked Jabhat Al-Nusra members have kidnapped more than 300 Kurds while travelling from Afrin to Aleppo Monday morning. Fighters of terrorist group reportedly have stopped 5 passenger buses on the way from […]


ISIS destroys ancient Assyrian church near Til Tamir

April 5, 2015 0

Til Tamir (KDN) – ISIS terrorists have destroyed another ancient Assyrian church in Tel Nasri village of newly liberated Til Tamir in northern Syria, Kurdish sources claim. According to reports, ISIS terrorists blew up the […]


HRW: Opposition Fighters Target Civilians in Syria

March 28, 2015 0

(New York) – Opposition armed groups in Syria have indiscriminately attacked civilians in government-held territory with car bombs, mortars, and rockets, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The attacks have killed and […]

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