SDF and YPJ launch operation against ISIS in the desert

May 30, 2019 0

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) started an operation against ISIS in the desert located between Deir ez-Zor’s Kasra town and Heseke’s Shaddadi town early Thursday morning. Dozens of ISIS members were […]


SDF will keep fighting Islamic State sleeper cells

March 23, 2019 0

DEIR AL-ZOR PROVINCE, Syria (Reuters) – U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) formally announced the destruction of Islamic State’s control of land in eastern Syria on Saturday but said it would continue its military and security […]


U.S.-backed Syrian force attacks Islamic State enclave

March 10, 2019 0

BAGHOUZ, Syria (Reuters) – U.S.-backed Syrian forces launched an assault against the final Islamic State enclave in eastern Syria on Sunday, aiming to wipe out the last vestige of its self-declared “caliphate” that once spanned […]

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