IHR: State Executions Rise to Two Per Day in Iran

March 17, 2015 0

Executions in Iran have soared under president Rouhani, according to an Oslo-based Iranian human rights group, with an average of two now being carried out every day. By Felicity Capon – Newsweek Iran Human Rights […]


Six more Kurdish prisoners executed in Iran

March 4, 2015 0

ANF – The Islamic State of Iran continues executions despite all the opposition and objections voiced by human rights organizations. It came out that 6 Kurdish prisoners jailed because of their faith were executed in […]


Iranian army shells Kandil region in southern Kurdistan

February 23, 2015 0

Kandil, (ANF) – Iranian army shelled Kandil area with mortars and howitzers last night. People’s Defense Forces Press and Communication Centre HPG-BIM reported in a written statement that Iranian army carried out howitzer and mortar […]

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Kurdish writer Ali Bedirxani arrested in Iran

January 20, 2015 0

ANF – As the Iranian regime’s suppression of Kurdish politicians and intellectuals continues, Kurdish writer Ali Bedirxanî has been arrested and sent to Urmiya prison. Writer Ali Bedirxanî, originally from North Kurdistan, had to suspend […]

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