5 Turkish-backed jihadists killed in Afrin

AFRIN (ANF) – Afrin Liberation Forces announced the killing of 5 mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in addition to wounding 3 others seriosely in the result of the military operaitons carried out by the forces against the Turkish occupaiton army and mercenaries in various places in Afrin.

Afrin Liberation Forces said that their forces carried out 3 qualitative military operations against the Turkish occupation army and mercenareis in the center of Afrin city and the two districts of Sherawa and Shera.

The forces declared that 5 mercenaries of Firqet al-Hamza and al-Jabha al-Shamiyya were killed during the operaitons in addition to wounding 3 others.

The statement included,

“Our units have carried out successful operations against Turkish-backed terrorists in Afrin’s centre and Shera and Sherawa districts, where they eliminated at least 5 jihadists on January 15th and 16th.

Our fighters targeted a vehicle belonging to Firqet al-Hamza jihadi group in Afrin’s Mahmoudiyya neighborhood in the city’s center, killing a terrorist and wounding 3 others on January 15th.

On January 16th, the fighters of Afrin Liberation Forces blasted a vehicle of the terrorist groups called Firqet al-Hamza on Basoufan village’s road of Afrin’s Sherawa. 3 jihadists, including Ahmed Raghib Chelo were eliminated.

Al-Jabha al-Shamiyya terrorist group’s position was targeted with sniper rifles in al-Malkiyya village of Afrin’s Shera on January 16th. A terrorist was shot dead in the action.

These operations resulted in killing 5 mercenaries of the Turkish occupaiton and wounding 3 others seriously.

Afrin Liberation Forces