SDF: 40 ISIS members killed in last 24 hours in Hajin

Deir EzZor (ANHA) – The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) issued on Monday a statement to the public opinion, revealing the outcome of the last 24 hours of the battle to defeat terrorism that is considered the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign to liberate IS’ last strongholds, east of the Euphrates River.

The statement said

1- Baguz axis / al-Shajla

– The clashes continued on this axis on Sunday evening, and the mercenaries tried to organize their ranks and launch counter-attacks on the axes of our forces’ concentration. Our forces repelled them and turned them back. The Field Command confirmed the killing of 5 mercenaries and seizing a number of individual machine guns.

– On Monday morning, our forces conducted a combing campaign along al-Shajla village from the right and clashed with the mercenaries in more than one point. They liberated many points of the mercenaries’ concentration and confirmed the killing of many of them.

– The aircraft participated effectively in the clashes erupted on Sunday and Monday, where many of the fortifications were destroyed. The artillery was also involved in targeting the positions of the mercenaries.

2- Al-Soseh axis / al-Shajla

– In this axis, the fiercest clashes broke out on Monday evening, and the mercenaries tried to launch a counter-attack to prevent the advance of our troops, but our forces clashed with them and defeated and killed a number of them. We could not confirm the number of the killed and wounded.

– On Monday morning, our forces continued to advance along al-Shajla village from the left side and carried out a combing operation of 1 km distance. Ten points were freed from the mercenaries. The military engineering teams dealt with dozens of mines and dismantled them.

-The Collation’s air force participated effectively in this axis, where it launched 5 raids, targeted the mercenaries’ movements and destroyed their headquarters and an ammunition warehouse.

3. The final outcome

– The aerial raids: 20 raids.

– The liberated points: 28 points.

– The mercenaries’ killed: 40 killed in addition to the killing of others in various clashes but we did not confirm their number.

– Dismantling and detonating dozens of mines.

– Destroying 2 mercenaries’ tunnels.

– Destroying a headquarters of IS command, a warehouse of ammunition and a military vehicle.”