MMC Commander: Turkey has not crossed Sajur river

MANBIJ (ANF) – After the agreement reached by Turkey with the US over Manbij, many in the city wonder what kind of deal has actually been made.

After the announcement by the AKP government and President Erdoğan that Turkish troops had actually “entered Manbij and started patrolling the city” a delegation made up of US military officers, including CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel and US Defense Ministry, went to the city.

In the statement the delegation made after the visit it was said that the occupying Turkish forces and its mercenary allies would patrol the area of Jarablus, while the Manbij Military Council would patrol the Manbij area.

Despite these declarations, the AKP insisted in saying they were actually in Manbij.

However ANHA news agency established that the invading forces are located around 15 km north of Manbij and on the Jarablus side of the Sajur river.

Turkish state’s base at 2 km from Jarablus

On the north side of Awin al-Dadad is located a US military base. Inside the base, the US military are watching with dozens of panzers.

On the Jarablus side of Sajur river and 2 km from the river is located the military base belonging to the invading Turkish state.

Ehmed Xelef, one of the Manbij Military Council commanders stated that the occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies did not cross the Sajur river.

He added that the patrols were in the Turkish-occupied area and added that they are actually patrolling twice a day.

“These patrols take place in coordination with US troops. US troops are also patrolling the areas they are on, accompanied by helicopters.”

Occupying army is stealing and robbing

The Manbij Military Council fighters said that the Turkish forces are stealing and robbing on the border. “They have established a check point named Benda Hevbeş (shared check point) near the military base of the Turkish state, and they collect ‘tolls’ from the forces coming and going from Manbij.”

We will defend Manbij

Speaking to ANHA agency, Manbij Military Council commander, Mihemed Abu Adil, said that they have the strength and means to protect Manbij. Adil added that as they freed the city from DAESH (ISIS), they are ready to defend it from any other invasion. He remarked that they would accept any invasion attempt on the Turkish side. “We are the military and civilian forces entitled to protect and manage our city.”, he stated.

Reiterating that they would defend Manbij from any attack, Adil added: “We will never allow the occupiers and their mercenaries to remain on our lands.”