HDP’s Demirtas: Erdogan’s AKP is doomed to lose

HDP Co-chair Selahattin Demirtas led his election campaign from his prison cell in western Turkey

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş is using all possible means within the limited conditions offered by Edirne prison where he is held for over 18 months.

Demirtaş has sent new tweets out to voters on Sunday. The messages address various issues.

“They won the 16 April referendum, by throwing us in prison. Now, on 24 June they keep me in jail to win. For this, they are putting pressure on all courts including the Constitutional Court”.

“Some judges, who have looked at my files, have come to the point of resigning, or even suicide, because of the pressures they see. Despite everything, I know there are a lot of honorable and brave judges”.

“This persecution will end on 24 June. The supremacy of law and independence of the judiciary will be ensured, and judges will also work in an environment of fair jurisdiction. As long as you give 1 vote to HDP and 1 vote to Demirtaş”.

“It became clear that the AKP will lose the election. That’s why they are targeting me in a more aggressive way. Even supporting circles cannot save the situation anymore”.

“Everyone should get ready for a new administration, a democratic future”.

“If HDP overcomes the threshold, Turkey will breath. I believe I will be contesting in the second round in the presidential election. In the second round we will provide the broadest democracy alliance and we will present a strong alternative to our people. This alliance will open way to a Nations Alliance. We will definitively succeed”.