SDF Spokesman: Syrian regime fears our co-existence model

Ain ISSA (ANF) – Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson, Kino Gabriel, commented to ANHA news agency the remarks by Syrian regime President, Bashar al-Assad.

Stressing that a military solution in Syria is not possible as it will only lead people to suffer more, Gabriel said: “The Syrian regime does not want our project to be successful. This is why it is playing one people against the other. The regime wants to impose its rule on all the peoples in the region”.

Gabriel said that the SDF cannot accept such statements. “We do not accept statements that are detrimental to the SDF. We are a Syrian force. We have members coming from all peoples of Syria, which proves that we are a real Syrian force. We have fought in many regions of Syria and we have liberated them from the mercenaries”.

The SDF spokesperson ended his remarks by saying that they would not accept a military solution. “The Syrian regime sees the unity of the peoples as a threat. The SDF, as I said, is made up of people from different origins and identities. This is a message for all parties involved in this conflict. The regime is disturbed by this reality and wants to sow the seed of discord among people”.