Luxembourg calls on NATO to discuss the Turkish invasion

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Brussels (ANF) – Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn called NATO to discuss the Turkish invasion in Northern Syria against Kurds.

Asselborn spoke in a meeting of Foreign Ministers held in the NATO offices in Brussels and said, “NATO is a club where democratic values are respected. When clouds come out, there must be a discussion.”

Asselborn added: “We need to be able to discuss all issues within the NATO freely. The ministers meeting is not a record safe of discussions among ambasadors.”

According to the AFP, many NATO member countries want Turkey’s invasion in Northern Syria to be opened to discussion. This invasion is seen as “a factor of tensions and concerns”.

Controversial topics were left out in the February meeting of NATO member states’ foreign ministers. But with the Turkish state invasion of Afrin in March, Luxembourg had protested harshly.

During his speech in the meeting, Asselborn said: “Kurds from the YPG aided the international coalition and US forces, and they liberated Raqqa. This can’t be conflated with the terrorists,” implicating Turkey which considers YPG a “terrorist organization”.

Jean Asselborn stated that he has received support from several of his counterparts on opening the Turkish state invasion to discussion.