SDF: 125 Turkish soldiers and jihadists killed in Afrin

AFRIN (ANF) – According to a statement by SDF Press Centre at least 125 Turkish soldiers and gang members were killed during clashes in the past 24 hours.

More than 60 gang members were killed in Bilbile district as SDF fighters hit a bomb-laden vehicle of the Turkish supported gangs in Kotana village.

In Qizilbash Qasha and Derwesh villages at least 30 gang members were killed during clashes. Turkish army hits both villages with artillery and warplanes.

14 Turkish soldiers were killed by SDF fighters in Shawara’s Basile village as the Turkish bombardment in the area continues.

In Vilat El-Qadi village 15 gang members were killed and six others were killed near Meydanke dam.