Abu Omar al-Idlabi: Defending Afrin more important than International Alliance decisions

AFRIN (ANHA) – Spokesman of the Revolutionary Forces under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces Abu Omar al-Idlibi said that at present the defense of Afrin canton is more important than the resolutions of International Alliance.

During a special interview with Hawar news agency with the spokesman of revolutionary factions affiliated with (SDF) Abu Omar al-Idlibi on the withdrawal of their forces from the east of Euphrates to the west of Euphrates.

Abu Omar al-Idlibi said that their withdrawal came after 46 days of Resistance of the age and waiting for international alliance to clarify its position on the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries. The international community adopted a firm decision on what the occupation is committing against the people of Afrin, while they are in the arena of confrontations against IS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor and al-Raqqa areas.

Abu Omar pointed out that they are revolutionary factions have families in Afrin canton, which they embraced for 3 years, when no one embraced their families for the crimes of IS mercenaries and their supporters, “Turkey.” He said, “In Deir ez-Zor and al-Raqqa, where our families are located and we have liberated and cleaned them from a IS mercenaries.

Abu Omar said, “During the three years that we stayed in Afrin land after we were displaced by the terrorist acts of Jabhet al-Nusra, IS mercenaries and the allied factions, we joined (SDF) and participated in several campaigns against the aggression agent of the Turkish occupation army as IS mercenaries, Jabhet al-Nusra, but we were surprised by the stab from the back”

“What is the benefit of protecting Deir al-Zour and our families and families who have received our families in Afrin are now being killed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries,” Abu Omar said.

“Now we are on our way to protect our parents and the people of Afrin canton from the original terrorist, the Turkish occupation army supporting ISIS and the militant factions, so the defense of Afrin is now more important than the decisions of international alliance,” said the spokesman for Revolutionary Forces under the umbrella of (SDF).

The forces, “the rebel army, Kurdish front, North Democratic Brigade, Idlib military council” issued a joint statement on the transfer of their forces from the east of Euphrates to Afrin, during a statement on the black stadium in al-Raqqa city.