SDF calls on international community to act against Turkish aggression

HASAKA (ANF) – Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a written statement about the massacre perpetrated by the Turkish state in Afrin’s Cindires district today. Remarking that 4 civilians, two of them women and two of them children, have been killed as a result of “savage attacks” by the Turkish state, SDF said the Turkish state attacks indiscriminately like ISIS and Al-Nusra.

The statement by SDF said:

“The Turkish army has increased its attacks against our people, using all kinds of weapons and indiscriminately bombing towns and villages. Civilian people, who committed no offense other than being Kurdish and living in Afrin, are being bombed.

Early Tuesday morning, the Turkish army has manifested its brutality again. Like ISIS and Al-Nusra, they make no discrimination between civilians and military forces as they attack. They target Cindires with heavy weaponry, attack the civilians with grudge.

The savage attack they carried out on Cindires resulted in the martyrdom of women and children, and material damage in the homes of civilian people.

According to initial reports, four civilians-two of them children and two of them women- fell as martyrs and more than 10 others got wounded. This savage attack shows that the Turkish state has a terrorist mindset and bears no difference with ISIS.

For this reason, we call on the international community, humanitarian aid organizations and human rights organizations to expose and document the crimes committed by the Turkish state and expose the perpetrators.”