Tens of thousands protest Turkish terror in Afrin

Afrin (ANHA) – Tens of thousands of people of Afrin canton, along the Villas Street in the center, chanted denouncing Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ threats to occupy Afrin, saying: “Your bombs will not terrorize us, we will not leave our land, we are steadfast.”

Tens of thousands of people from Afrin canton, all components of the age of 7 years to 70 years, took to the streets and condemned the shelling of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin region under the slogan “Threats of the Turkish state do not break the will of our people in Afrin canton.”

Despite the heavy rain, this did not prevent the people from demonstrating and expressing their utter rejection of the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

This comes after a week of repeated attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries with heavy weapons on the Afrin district, amid an escalation in statements by Turkish officials, headed by Turkish President Erdogan, who threatened to destroy Afrin and exterminate its people in the event of surrender to its occupying army or mercenary groups supported by it.

The demonstration began in front of Newroz roundabout in the center of Afrin district, and the Villas Street went all the way to the end, amid chanting slogans against the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the canton saying: “Your bombs will not terrorize us, we will not leave our land. Long live the resistance of the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ), Afrin people, one hand, united we stand.”

In turn, the Asayîş and the Community Protection Forces continued to protect the demonstrators, along with organizing traffic for the march.

The demonstrators held pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, flags of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, banners reading “Freedom of leader Apo is Kurdistan’s”, “Community Protection Forces refuse the fascist intervention of Erdogan” “Afrin had not and will not kneel”, Freedom for leader Apo; the legitimate entity of Kurdistan” with the love of the resistance and our will to denounce the attacks on Afrin”, We will not leave the dust of Afrin “in addition to raising the flags and symbols of civil institutions.

At the end of the Villas Street, the demonstrators stood a minute of silence, then the Co-chair of the Executive Council Hevi Mustafa said, “The Turkish occupation army targets the canton of Afrin in order to spread terror and panic among the people and claim that the people were displaced from their land, but defying the climatic conditions to express our rejection of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries proves the lies of the Turkish state, which tries to undermine the will of our people, we vow to follow the principles of the democratic nation the brotherhood of peoples.

“The people of Afrin have been known for their resistance throughout history and those who are ignorant of it, so let’s look at history. Breaking the back of mercenaries,” she said, “is a proof of our will and determination. The same scene will be in Afrin, “We will continue to defend the territory of the canton because the people of the city of olives and steadfastness will not give up at any cost.”

In the same context, notable of the Boubana clan, Sherif Jammu, delivered a speech in which he said “By coming to this arena of demonstration, you hold a message of steadfastness to prove to the whole world that you are a resisting people of free will and to condemn the brutal attacks of the Turkish occupation army.”

“We express from here to all the world, we, the people of Afrin in all its strata, are one body that does not discriminate between us. We are all children of this region, we will support our sons on the fronts and we will not abandon our land at any cost.”

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans condemning the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and the resistance of People Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units.