PJAK calls on peoples of Iran to fight and stand together

Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) issued a statement about the ongoing popular protests in Iran and Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) and called on the peoples of Iran to stand and fight together. The statement on PJAK’s official website includes the following:

“The protests that have spread throughout the whole Iranian landscape, starting with Mashhad and Kermanshah, have the potential to lead to great changes. They could lead to a democratic transformation for the whole of Iran.

There are those that, knowingly or unknowingly, tie the dissent of the people to just economic reasons. But one must know that at the root of all issues there are political reasons. Without a democratic solution, and without applying methods of democratic politics, no issue in Iran will be resolved. In this context, any and all demonstrations in Iran for a fundamental change and transformation are legitimate.

“The only goal of connecting the dissent of the people to outside forces is to suppress the protests. This delicate and extraordinary joint struggle, standing and organizing together is very important for the peoples of Iran and the forces of democracy. As PJAK, we are calling on the Kurdish people and all the peoples of Iran to the ranks of the struggle for freedom.”