Turkish terror army enters Southern Kurdistan territory

BEHDINAN (ANF) – The invading Turkish army and village guards have launched an invasion attempt in Southern Kurdistan tonight at 22.00 Turkish time from Hakkari’s Şemdinli district and the outpost in the Mavan village therein by airdropping soldiers to the Haci Beg River, Gelîyê Reş, the surroundings of Siro Mountain and the Bermize village in Diyana.

The Turkish army and the village guards in Gerdiya, Şemdinli have crossed the border from the Mavan Outpost in the Mavan village in the Şemdinli district of Hakkari and launched an invasion attempt in the Adilbeg region in Southern Kurdistan.

Local sources report that Turkish soldiers started crossing the Haci Beg River from the Mavan Outpost tonight at 22.00. Simultaneously with the soldiers crossing the river, helicopter dispatching reportedly started in the Kani Reş Well, the skirts of the Siro Mountain and the Bermize village in Diyana.

Simultaneously, jet fighters launched aerial attacks on the skirts of the Avdal Kovi Mountain in Xakurke, the Siro Mountain and Gelîyê Reş, while Kobra type helicopters carried out an intense bombing in Deşta Heyate.

Local sources say the soldiers crossing the border and the dispatched soldiers have reached the higher part of the Bermize village, went up the summit of the Siro Mountain and are planning to turn the summit into a coordination center.

The Bermize village had recently been bombed by Turkish jet fighters, one villager’s car was targeted and the villager in question had lost his life.