Turkish airstrikes massacre Kurdish civilians in Southern Kurdistan

Duhok (ANF) – At around 21:00 Tuesday evening, Turkish airstrikes targeted civilians who were on the way to their vineyards and orchards in the rural areas of Rêkan and Nerwê villages in Sheladize, Amadiya.

Initital reports suggested that out of the seven people targeted in the attack, three lost their lives and one was heavily wounded, while the aftermath of the remaining 3 was unknown. The wounded civilian also lost his life not long later, bringing the death toll to 4.

Sheladize people went to the scene to retrieve the bodies, where they found the bodies of the three missing locals as well. The slain civilians are reported to be Ali Mistafa and Ciger Mistafa brothers from Sida village, Sedat Sıtkı and Hakim Said from Kerya Dera village. Identities of the other three civilians, whose bodies were found later, have not been clarified yet.

On the other hand, last night’s Turkish airstrikes on Avashin region of Medya Defense Zones targeted the rural areas of the Horê village.

Three people lost their lives in the attack; Faxir Tahir from Darke village, Şaban Said Dohuki from Deraluk town and İsmet Temer Said from Site village.