Three Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with Kurdish forces

Two Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack in the southeastern Kurdish province of Batman on Aug. 12.

Kurdish forces remotely detonated explosive which was trapped on the road during the passage of a military vehicle in the rural area of Batman’s Sason district.

On Aug. 11, one Turkish soldier and one civilian used as a human shield by Turkish forces were killed following a clash with Kurdish Defence Forces in northeastern province of Trabzon, according to the local governor’s office.

In a statement issued by Trabzon Governorate, a soldier and a civilian succumbed to their wounds at the Karadeniz Technical University hospital where they were being treated.

The civilian who was identified as 15-year-old Eren Bülbül became target while being forced by Turkish soldiers to show them where he saw Kurdish fighters earlier in the day, local sources and his family said.