Video: Coalition’s deputy commander Robert Jones arrives in Raqqa

Raqqa (ANF) – Deputy Commander of the Global Coalition fighting ISIS Robert Jones has arrived in Raqqa with a group of his military experts to meet with Raqqa Civil Council and discuss the latest situation and how to cooperate in order to serve the city after its liberation by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The co-chair of Raqqa Civil Council and the administrative members of the council received Robert Jones who later held three meetings in in his first visit to the Raqqa Civil Council. The first meeting took place with the Education Committee, the second meeting with the Aid Committee and the last meeting with the Co-chairs of the Civil Council.

During the meetings the overall state of affairs concerning the council and the importance of the restoration of an educational system in the city of Raqqa following its liberation were discussed and assessed. Also the means and ways to provide Raqqa’s displaced population with assistance was under discussion.

In a press statement after the meeting, Jones pointed out that the aim of their visit is to convey the sincerity of the 73 countries which make up the International Coalition Forces in providing support to the Raqqa Civil Council in political regard. Robert Jones stressed that they will offer support for the rebuilding of Raqqa as well as for the refugees in the city.

Member of the of the Raqqa Civil Council Umer Elûş spoke to ANHA after the meeting and stated that the International Coalition Forces announced their political and material support for the Raqqa Civil Council. Elûş said Robert Jones assured support and assistance of all 73 member states of the International Coalition for the Raqqa Civil Council and added that the world heeds the Civil Council of Raqqa with much importance. At the end of the interview Elûş stressed the positive outcome of the meetings.