100 thousand take to streets in Afrin to protest Turkish terror

AFRIN (ANHA) – More than 100 thousand people including the Afrin’s diverse components have taken to streets in a massive protest to chant” Afrin Is the Biggest” and “No to Turkish Occupation”.

Peoples, different sects, political parties have all gathered today hand in hand to chant aloud slogans that assured their resistance and unity facing any attacks that target the unity and fraternity of the canton’s peoples and the democratic state people enjoy. EFRIN-DEST-BI-MESE-KIREN ‫(146997763)‬ ‫‬

Thousands of Afrin residents from 7 years to 70 have taken to streets raising the victory sign, starting their march from the square before the Kurdish Red Crescent and then heading towards a highway west of the city, as they are supposed to gather at the July 19 Stadium in the center of the canton.

More than 100 thousand of the cantons’ Arabs, Yazidis, Kurds, Alawites sects, political parties’ representatives, civil institutions members, Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) bodies, organizations, YPG, YPJ, Anti-Terror Units, Asayîş Special Forces, Asayîş Forces, Traffic Forces and Society Protection Forces(HPC) have all marched hand in hand to say no to Turkish occupying plans.

The protestors, dressed in folkloric clothes, held Abdullah Ocalan Kurdish people leader and strugglers’ photos, and TEV-DEM, Kongra Star, the DAA motto, YPG, YPJ, Asayîş Special Forces, Asayîş Forces, and HPC flags.EFRIN-DEST-BI-MESE-KIREN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The protestors also held banners with” Afrin Is the Biggest”, “Afrin and al-Shahba Are Stronger than Erdogan’s Terror and No to Turkish Occupation of Afrin”, ” Afrin, the City of Martyrs, Any Hand Stretching to Will Be Broken”, ” Afrin Will Become a Cemetery to Erdogan Mercenaries and Agents” written in Kurdish and Arabic.

Asayîş Forces and Society Protection Forces have guaranteed the security of the protest, while Traffic Forces have contributed to organizing the marchers.

The protestors are still marching through the canton’s streets to gather then at the July 19 Stadium where many speeches will be delivered by the participant delegations.