HPG: 57 Turkish soldiers killed in Tendürek and Kato, large amount arms seized

ARARAT (ANF) – Kurdish HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office released the balance sheet of recent clashes with Turkish terror army in Mount Tendürek, located between Ağrı’s Bazid (Doğubeyazıd) district and Van’s Çaldıran district, and Mount Kato in Hakkari province.

HPG drew attention to the war propaganda of Turkish warmongering media which -it said- made efforts to hide the heavy losses suffered by the Turkish army as result of the actions and operations of guerrillas, most succesful ones in recent years, in Kurdistan territory.

HPG gave the following information regarding the clashes between guerrillas and soldiers in Kato and Tendürek regions:


During the operation launched by the Turkish army in Kato area, guerrillas infiltrated into the positions of special operations forces stationed around the Geznax hill at 19:00 on May 24.

Guerrillas hit and destroyed 4 emplacements and 2 tents here, which left 12 members of special operations forces dead and many others wounded. The surviving soldiers abandoned their positions and fled from the hill. Turkish army retrieved the dead and wounded soldiers from the scene with Sikorsky helicopters 2 hours after the action which was carried out in memory of the martyrs of the month of May.


Guerrillas launched Martyr Mahir, Martyr Argeş and Martyr Eylem Revolutionary Initiative in Serhat Province, as part of which they carried out simultaneous actions in Tendürek area between May 23 and May 25.

Bodies of 45 soldiers remained at the scenes of actions conducted on May 25 while guerrillas seized 1 BKC machine gun, 1 HK-33 rifle, 1 grenade thrower, 1 thermal camera and large amounts of supplies of the soldiers.

The area was shelled by Turkish jets, helicopters and troops with howitzer and mortar fire. Guerrillas also hit the Cobra helicopters in the operation area, leaving one helicopter damaged.

HPG added that the Revolutionary Initiative launched by guerrillas continues and detailed information on it will be announced once available.