Turkish media celebrates Islamic State’s Manchester massacre

Istanbul (ANF) – Turkish media has greeted the ISIS attack in Manchester, which claimed 22 lives and left injured, with joy.

AKP’s Yeni Akit newspaper ran the headline, “Those who sow winds reap storms” and in the article used the following: “The West, who left Turkey alone in its struggle while embracing and arming terrorist organizations, has faced the terror they nurtured themselves in the heart of England this time.”

Another AKP newspaper Güneş ran the headline “They reap what they sow” and used the following in the article: “Europe has been stung once more by the scorpion they nourish by supporting terrorist organizations like PKK, FETÖ and DHKP-C and trying everything to hinder Turkey’s fight against terror. The West is panicking over terror after the ISIS attack painted England with blood.”

The newspaper Takvim ran the headline, “The English mourn”. Meanwhile AKP’s Star, Yeni Şafak, Yeni Birlik, Akşam, Sabah and other newspapers ran with the theme of “reaping what one sows” like the Akit and Güneş headlines.

The AKP media had previously failed to disguise their joy over the Brussels, Germany, France and Orlando attacks.