Turkish Religious Affairs Director meets with Al-Qaeda financier sanctioned by UN Security Council

ANKARA (ANF) – A new footage recently emerged shows Turkey’s Religious Affairs Director meeting one of Al-Qaida’s financiers listed and sanctioned by the UN Security Council as terror sponsor.

Turkish Religious Affairs Director Mehmet Görmez met with Iraqi Muslim Scholars Council Secretary General Muthanna Harith al-Dari, listed in the United Nations Security Council’s Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee’s “Persons Financing Al-Qaeda and ISIS”, in Ankara on May 5.

The website of Iraqi Muslim Scholars Council listed the topics discussed in the meeting as, “General developments in the region, issues faced by the peoples of the region, duties of scholars in said issues, closing the gates to fitnah, ensuring people stay on the righteous path, leading people to righteousness”.


Görmez said he knew the Iraqi Muslim Scholars Committee well and that he appreciated and respected their efforts in Iraq.


The UN accuses al-Dari of providing operational guidance and financial and other support to “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as the Iraqi Al-Qaeda”. Oil smuggling is among the support listed here.

Al-Dari lives in Jordan and is reported to have sent 1 million dollars in aid to Al-Qaeda through various channels.

Iraqi Muslim Scholars Council had called the ISIS gangs’ invasion of Mosul a “great victory by the revolutionaries”.