Barzani’s security arrests 9 foreign YPG fighters in Hewler

A group of international fighters pose for a photo in the outskirts of the north-western Syrian town of Tal Tamr. Photo: AFP

HEWLER (ANF) International fighters of Kurdish YPG Callum Ross (Rizgar Çiya), Ozgan Ozdil (Dêrsim Agir), Anthonî Degatto (Rustem Fist), Justin Schnepp (Şervan Agir), Mirko Bruna (Mirko Cûdî) from Italy, Paola Andolina (Azadî Raperîn) from Italy, Damien Rodriguez (Şêrzad Azad) from the US, Fernando Sanches Grassa (Çiya Azadî) from Spain, who have been fighting ISIS in Syria, were arrested by Barzani’s security forces in Erbil.

The foreign volunteers crossed into Southern Kurdistan to go back home from Rojava but they were arrested by KDP forces at an asayish (public security) checkpoint near Hewler.