Show of solidarity: American soldiers attend Kurdish YPJ fighters military ceremony in Hasaka

HASAKA (KDN) A dozen of American soldiers, training their allies in Syria, participated in a military ceremony of Kurdish Women Protection Units (YPJ) graduating from a military acadamy in Hasaka province to join the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria.

According to reports on Kurdish websites, around 250 female YPJ fighters joined the SDF ranks in a military ceremony held in the Hasakah province on May 5 after completing their training in the Karaçok province, which also houses the Syrian Kurdish force’s command center.

The military ceremony was attended by a number of U.S. soldiers who stood behind the SDF female commanders and watched the ceremony.

Turkish warplanes had conducted airstrikes in the Karaçok province and Mt. Sinjar in Iraq in late April, targeting YPG positions in the region.

In the wake of the air strikes, U.S.-led coalition forces against ISIL began patrolling both skies over Kurdish region of Syria and the Turkey-Syria border to prevent further strikes.

Turkey is desperately begging the Trump administration to abandon the Kurds and accept Turkish forces for ongoing Raqqa operation. However, a US official told Foreign Policy Magazine on May 6, that the administration will go ahead with the SDF which includes Kurdish YPG and YPJ.

As a last chance Turkey speeded up diplomatic traffic between Ankara and Washington recently. Reports from Ankara said that Turkish Chief of Staff, Foreign Minister and one of Erdogan’s senior advisers were sent to Washington to persuade the US to stop its alliance with Kurdish-Arab coalition before Erdogan-Trump meeting on May 16-17.
Experts believe that Turkey’s last attempts will not make any change in US plans in Syria.