24 ISIS members killed in Tabqa amid fierce clashes

RAQQA (ANF) YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the neighborhoods of Alexandria to the east of the city and Ayed al-Sageer to the west yesterday afternoon. ISIS gangs engaged in several attempts to attack the two liberated neighborhoods. While SDF fighters thwarted some attacks, international coalition aircraft hit and destroyed a bomb-laden vehicle of the gangs being prepared for an attack. The aggression of the ISIS gangs weakened afterwards.

SDF fighters then started mop-up operations in the liberated neighborhoods. They found a ammunition-loaded vehicle of the gangs in Alexandria, but destroyed it considering the possibility that it might have been trapped. Two ISIS snipers stationed around the neighborhood were also killed.

After the launch of mop-up operations in Ayed al-Sageer neighborhood amid sporadic clashes around, SDF fighters advanced 500 meters.

In the face of the continued attack attempts of the gangs yesterday afternoon, coalition aircraft bombed 7 ISIS targets, as result of which 22 members of the gangs were killed.

ISIS gangs have launched another attack this morning in order to break the siege by SDF.

The aggression at 05:00 Sunday morning targeted the Ayes al-Kabeer village to the south of the city and the Military Airbase from several directions. SDF fighters responded to the attack and destroyed an ammunition-laden vehicle of the gangs.

Clashes in the region are ongoing.