Two towns liberated, 49 ISIS members killed in northern Raqqa

RAQQA (ANF) – The Operation Wrath of Euphrates by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab forces, continues in the 11th day of its fourth phase.

Yesterday’s day-long clashes between SDF and ISIS in the Hukumi hamlet and the towns of Tishrin and Hazima continued and till this morning. SDF fighters were supported by international coalition aircraft with strikes against ISIS targets.

49 members of ISIS gangs, including an emir (leader) by the name of Abu Sumeyya, were killed during clashes and corpses of many ended up in SDF possession.

In the wake of clashes, surroundings of the the Hukumi hamlet were cleansed of ISIS gangs, while the towns of Hazima and Tishrin north of Raqqa were liberated by SDF fighters.

Mop-up operations have been launched in both of the towns, with the liberation of which the northern side of the Jalab Valley has been cleared of ISIS.

During the fourth phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates in its 11th day, YPG-led SDF forces have liberated the villages of Northern and Southern Misherfa, Hatasah, Rihaniyat, Eastern and Western Kabash, Reyan, Um-Tanak, the hamlets of Hukumi, Bir Cerbo, Cerwa and 4 other hamlets, and the towns of Tishrin and Hazima.