US-backed SDF takes control of Raqqa-Damascus highway

RAQQA (ANF) – YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their advance on the Tabqa town of Raqqa amid fierce clashes with ISIS terrorists.

ISIS gangs in Tabqa town, surrounded by SDF from four sides, have today launched a wave of attacks on the positions of SDF fighters in an attempt to hinder their advance on the western front of the town.

The aggression with heavy weaponry resulted in clashes upon the immediate and harsh response of SDF fighters. ISIS gangs have again suffered heavy blows during today’s clashes that began at noon and lasted till 18:00 in the evening.

ISIS groups also conducted an intensified mortar attack on civilian areas, and targeted the SDF positions with a bomb-laden vehicle at 13:20 in the afternoon. The vehicle was destroyed by SDF before it reached the target.

In the face of increasingly continued artillery attacks of the gangs, SDF forces evacuated 400 civilians from Ayid Qabir village to safe areas in order that they are not harmed. Following the evacuation, SDF fighters retaliated against the gangs and repelled their attacks.

During hours of fierce clashes, dozens of ISIS members were killed. SDF fighters later took control of the Raqqa-Damascus road.

During mop-up operations by SDF fighters in the region, corpses of three ISIS members and some arms were captured.

SDF fighters continue their operation in the region.