Breaking: PJAK calls on Kurds of Iran to prepare for revolution

Shervin Mazlum, member of the central committee of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), said that the Kurds of eastern Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan) should be prepared for a revolution.

Speaking to Kurdish agency Rojnews, Mazlum said “As the people of eastern Kurdistan we must turn every location into a space of rebellion. Kurds are being attacked across the Middle east. We too need to prepare ourselves for revolution. As PJAK, we will do everything to fulfil our responsibilities.”

To a question on why PJAK ceased military activity in Iran, Mazlum said, “After severe clashes in 2011 in Qandil between us and the Iranian army several Kurdish organisations relayed the Iranian government’s desire for a ceasefire. We as PJAK accepted the ceasefire on the condition that Iran stop executing Kurdish political prisoners. However, Iran has not adhered to the conditions of the ceasefire.”

Mazlum added that although PJAK was ready to negotiate with the Iranian government, “if the Iranian government is not willing to enter into dialogue then our fighters will have to defend eastern Kurdistan.”

PJAK is seen as an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and operates in the Kurdish regions of Iran.

Source: Komnews