Journalist shot by Turkey-backed KDP gangs in Sinjar dies in hospital

Kurdish journalist Nujiyan Erhan

QAMISHLO (ANF) – Kurdish journalist Nûjiyan Erhan, who was critically injured as result of a targeted attack by KDP peshmergas on March 3. in Shengal, lost her life yesterday (March 22) in a hospital in Kurdish city of Qamishlo.

Nûjiyan and the cameraman near her got wounded as result of targeted attack by the so-called ‘Rojava Peshmergas’ while reporting the clashes in an area between Sinune and Xanesor. While Nujiyan got critically wounded, the cameraman was in good medical condition after the attack.

In a statement on March 5, Yekîtiya Ragihandina Demokratik-YRD (Democratic Press Union) Coordination stated that Nûjiyan Erhan was deliberately shot by KDP-AKP gangs. YRD said:

“Our journalist friend Nûjiyan Erhan was deliberately targeted by the AKP-KDP gangs, she was shot in the head in order for the truths to be left in the dark. The gangs revealed their true face and intention with this attack; to argue that ‘they attacked first’. Still, what is more painful is that this was done by some people who call themselves Kurd. They want to suppress the will of the Kurdish people by means of this attack. Nûjiyan Erhan was targeted in the same way Shifa Gerdi had been targeted not many days ago.

Nûjiyan was at the same time the voice of Êzidxan women in pain. She was the voice of those mothers who were left barefoot, thirsty and hungry, but still did not leave their lands. Targeting Nûjiyan does therefore mean targeting the Êzidî women, it is a crime. This attack has clearly targeted the press. Alongside Nûjiyan, 3 other journalist friends of ours were also wounded.”