US-backed SDF liberates large parts of al-Karama town in Raqqa

RAQQA (ANHA)- Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate a large parts of al-Karama town amid fierce clashes between SDF and IS terrorists.

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room continues to liberate the city of al-Raqqa, in this context, ANHA reporters in the region said that fierce clashes erupted between SDF fighters and the mercenaries in al-Karama town, fighters consequently managed to liberate a big part of the town which is 20 km east of al-Raqqa city.

Clashes have been ongoing since Saturday in the remaining part of the town, ANHA reporters pointed out that they have inflicted huge losses to the mercenaries.

Al-Karama town is one of the major strongholds of IS which was taken as a headquarter to launch attacks on SDF positions.