Explosion in Mardin, two Turkish soldiers killed

MARDIN – Two soldiers have been killed in an explosion in Turkey’s eastern city of Mardin as the country’s Interior Minister promises more operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK.

The roadside bomb was detonated in the early hours of the morning while Turkish soldiers were conducting operations against PKK militants in the region. Although there has been no claim of responsibility, officials say they are certain the attack was conducted by the PKK.

Turkey’s Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, was in the northern Turkish city of Samsun on Tuesday where he told a gathered crowd that “Our lot [the army] are looking for them everywhere, they [PKK militants] are running like rats. Thousands of our boys are in an operation against them right now. In the next days there will be new operations.”

“What had they said before? They said that they were going to govern themselves in Mardin, Nusaybin, Hakkari, Mus and other places [referring to the urban clashes last year in many cities across eastern Turkey]. If you have the courage, if you are men then why don’t you declare autonomy again?” the minister taunted.

Source: Komnews