KCK says Shingal clashes were plotted in Ankara

KCK leader Cemil Bayik

BEHDINAN – The Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) has released a statement on Friday’s clashes in Khanasor, Shingal between peshmerga forces and the Yazidi Shingal Resistance Units (YBS).

The KCK indicated that it was no coincidence the attacks by peshmerga forces have come straight after Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader Massoud Barzani’s meetings with Turkish leaders in Ankara earlier this week.

“Our people should know that our movement will not hesitate to defend the Yazidi people just like it did in 2014,” the movement’s statement read.

The statement, which defined the attacks in Shingal as a ‘second massacre’, called the Kurdish people to stand against the “attacks of the Turkish state and its proxies”.

“The KDP and Turkish state’s verbal harassment aimed at the defenders of Shingal has taken a new shape as of yesterday. Yesterday the attacks against the YBS and YJS (Shingal Women’s Unit) turned violent. It is noteworthy that these attacks come in the same week as Massoud Barzani’s meetings with Turkish leaders in Ankara. The attacks against Shingal were planned in these meetings. The Turkish foreign minister clearly stated the night before that they were going to attack Shingal together with the KDP.”

The KCK ended its statement with a call to “our people in southern Kurdistan, all political parties, intellectuals, NGOs and international organisations to take a stance against these developments.”

Source: Komnews