Two villages liberated, 11 terrorists killed in Raqqa

YPJ Spokeswoman Nasrin Abdulla

RAQQA (ANHA) – US-backed fighters of the Wrath of Euphrates Operation Room have liberated the Fatateesh and Bîr Şemarî villages located on the Raqqa-Makman road, 11 mercenaries were also reported to be killed.

The 2nd step within the 3rd phase of the Wrath of Euphrates advances achieving more progress on the ground.

ANHA reporters embeded with the ongoing campaign stated that the fighters managed to liberate the Fatateesh and Bîr Şemarî villages on the al-Raqqa-Makman road.

ANHA reporters also assured that 11 mercenaries have been killed during the clashes, a body of them was seized by the fighters.


Meanwhile, Turkish army continues shelling the western villages of Manbij, and has bombarded today Arima town 20 km west of Manbij with 3 mortars.

According to local sources from the region, the bombardment caused material damage to the civilian properties.