Final resolution of the 6th Moscow Kurdish Conference

MOSCOW (ANF) – The final declaration of the “Third War of Allocation in the Middle East” conference organized by the Union of International Kurdish Social Institutions and Russia Kurds’ National and Cultural Federal Autonomy in the Russian capital Moscow two days ago has been shared with the public.

In the final declaration, participants stated that they discussed the chaos in the Middle East and policies of the US and Russia, the factors behind the chaos and the deaths, the goals of Astana and Geneva talks, the Kurds’ struggle for freedom and the gains made in four parts of Kurdistan, and the ways in which the conditions of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan could be changed.

The following decisions were made during the conference attended by 59 renown intellectual, social and political figures:

– It is impossible to solve the problems in the Middle East without the resolution of the Kurdish issue.

– Fair searches for a solution based on the reality of the Middle East should be supported.

– The Kurdish people should hold the Kurdish National Congress before losing the emerging opportunity to this end.

– The political and military gains made by the Kurds during the current chaos will pave the way for new support and alliances.

– The forces that try to break the alliance between Kurds and make them fight one another should by defeated through actions and efforts.

– The reason why Russia and other countries are changing their approach towards the Kurds is because Kurds are growing stronger politically and militarily.

– All Kurdish people should bring up the condition of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan at İmralı on the agenda of international powers.

The final declaration said: “Moreover, participants debated the ongoing war in Kurdistan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. The resistance waged by Kurdish guerrillas and peshmergas that bravely defend all the peoples in the region and their lands is a concrete reality to be proud of. The spirit that emerged in Kobanê and Shengal with a joint self-sacrifice has been seen and acknowledged by Russia with great respect. The similarities between the pains experienced by the Kurds today and those suffered by Russi after the second world war laid the grounds for stronger relationship and alliances.”

Below are the conclusions reached by the participants of the 6th Kurdish Conference:

– Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan should be liberated and international powers such as Russia should play their role in this regard.

– Northern Syria Federation should be recognized and taken under constitutional guarantee.

– The AKP government should stop its attacks on circles demanding peace, parliamentarians and the Kurdish people in North, South and West Kurdistan.

– The Russian Federation should be urged to use its influence over Turkey in order to save the AKP government from the disaster it is progressing into.

– The Russian Federation should be urged to use its international influence to come up with a rooted and fair solution to the crisis in the Middle East basing on the principles of justice.

– Russia should recognize the Northern Syria Federation project in its relations in the international arena.

– Kurdish National Congress should be realized and a joint Kurdish and Kurdistan representation office should be opened to take full responsibility in the international arena and defend the interests of the Kurds.

– The two sides in South and West Kurdistan should act in accordance with the agreed principles, and re-open the closed political institutions that should be used for the good of the people.

– All Kurdish political parties and organizations should prioritize the interests of Kurdish people in their activities.

Lastly, participants of the conference stated that Turkey has a big role in the current crisis in the Middle East, condemned the isolation of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan, demanded his release and other political prisoners. In addition, they concluded that there will be no solution in Turkey otherwise, and a Turkey without a solution means a Middle East without a solution.”