Second International Kurdish Conference kicks off in Moscow

MOSCOW,— Representatives of Kurdish groups across the Middle East from all part of greater Kurdistan have met in Moscow on Wednesday to attend a conference on Kurds and their future.

The annual Kurdish Conference organized jointly by the Union of International Kurdish Social Institutions, Russia Kurds National and Cultural Federal Autonomy, and the KNK Moscow Representation Office in the Russian capital Moscow.

Turkey’s Kurdish HDP parliamentarians Osman Baydemir and Dilek Öcalan, and Abdullah Öcalan’s lawyer Ebru Günay from Turkish Kurdistan, the co-chair of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Asya Abdullah and Kobani Canton Executive Council President Anwar Muslim from Syrian Kurdistan, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK parliamentarians Azzat Sabır Ismail, Gorran parliamentarian Sherko Hama Amin, and Islamic Union Party (Yekgurtu Islami) member Xelil Ibrahim Muhammed from Iraqi Kurdistan, PJAK representative Ehwen Chiyako from Iranian Kurdistan, politicians, academics, think tank representatives and intellectuals from Moscow attended the conference on the Middle East.

Representatives from the Turkey-backed Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP led by Massoud Barzani from Iraqi Kurdistan did not attend the conference.

Russia Kurds National and Cultural Federal Autonomy Co-president Ferhat Patiyev, a member of the conference’s preparation committee, spoke to ANF about the scope of the conference, saying: “This is the 6th conference we are holding in Moscow.

The main agenda of this conference is ‘The Third War of Sharing in the Middle East.’ The main goal of the conference is to discuss the problems in the Middle East and to make a comprehensive assessment of the developments in four parts of Kurdistan in connection with the developments in Syria, the conflict in South Kurdistan and the events in North Kurdistan. One other purpose of our conference is that Kurdish forces come together, discuss and bring up the the Kurdish issue in the international arena.”