Veteran Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal sentenced to jail for ‘terror propaganda’

Veteran Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal

ISTANBUL – Prominent Turkish journalist Hasan Cemal has been convicted on charges of conducting “terror propaganda” due to a 2016 article regarding one of the leading figures of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in 2016, receiving a suspended sentence of one year, three months in jail.

In the second hearing of the case on Feb. 14 in which Cemal was charged with “conducting terror propaganda” and “praising crime and criminals,” an Istanbul Court of Serious Crimes sentenced him to a suspended 15 months in jail while also acquitting him on the second charge.

The journalist was on trial for a July 11, 2016 column titled “Fehman Hüseyin.”

Cemal is separately on trial for serving as one-day editor-in-chief of Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem as a part of a solidarity campaign with the paper and a number of “insulting the president” charges.