British YPG fighter Ryan Lock’s body flown home from Kurdistan

DERIK (ANHA) – The body of the British YPG fighter Ryan Lock (nom de guerre Berxwedan Givara), who was martyred whilst fighting ISIS in the Raqqa campaign was sent to South Kurdistan (Kurdistan Region) by hundreds of people today.

The British YPG fighter Ryan Lock lost his life during the Wrath of Euphrates campaign to liberate Raqqa city on December 21, 2016. Today hundreds of citizens, YPG commanders and fighters came together for the final journey of the martyr from Dêrik to the Semalka border gate, to South Kurdistan and then back home, to Britain.

Hundreds of people from the towns of Dêrik and Girkê Legê gathered in front of Dêrik Hospital to collect Lock’s body. YPG fighters retrieved Lock’s coffin, adorned with flowers and a UK flag, from the hospital and carried it on their shoulders. Hundreds of people accompanied the martyr’s convoy whilst it passed from Dêrik.DRK-MERASIME-S-

At the Semalka border gate, a mass military ceremony consisting of hundreds of citizens took place with the participation of the Jazira Canton Martyrs’ Council Co-Chair Fatma Tahir, political party and NGO representatives. Here, a minute of silence was held in respect of the British martyr.

YPG Commander Mihyedin Xîrkî, who spoke afterwards, said: “We bless the martyrdom of the British martyr, Berxwedan Givara, for all the martyrs and the people of Britain with gratitude. Our martyr has reached martyrdom by showing a great resistance. YPG’s heroic and honourable resistance has led people who have conscience all over the world to join the YPG and the Rojava Revolution.”

At the end of his speech Xîrkî reiterated the promise of going in the footsteps of all the martyrs in the name of Martyr Berxwedan Givara.

Speaking at the ceremony, Fatma Tahir, Co-Chairwoman of the Jazira Canton Martyrs’ Council, stated that the Rojava Revolution was defeating the world’s most barbarous and dangerous terror. “Our revolution is the revolution of mankind. The whole world has renewed its conscience. At the same time our revolution is a revolution of truth. That’s why people are flocking to join our revolution from all over the world,” she said.DRK-MERASIME-S-BERXWEDAN-

After the speeches, the martyrdom document of the martyr was read. The people then sent off the martyr’s body to South Kurdistan after the ceremony.

Lock’s body will be handed over to the British Consulate in Erbil, and then to be sent to the final journey back to his country.

20-year-old Ryan Lock from West Sussex has become the third British fighter to have lost his life whilst fighting ISIS in the ranks of the YPG forces.