France: Hamon wins French left-wing presidential primary

Socialist Benoît Hamon celebrates victory in the second round of France's left-wing presidential primary on January 29, 2017.

PARIS – Benoît Hamon has won the presidential nomination for the main group of France’s left wing parties, comfortably beating ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who has conceded defeat, in the primary runoff vote.

Hamon took 58.9 percent of the vote on Sunday, against Valls’s 41.1 percent.

Former prime minister Manuel Valls has conceded defeat, wishing Hamon “good luck” and calling him “the candidate of our political family” of left-wing parties.

Hamon and Valls were vying for the Socialist Party’s presidential nomination after getting the most votes from a field of seven candidates in the first round of the primary last Sunday.

Hamon, 49, is on the left-wing branch of the Socialist Party and has been compared to the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn. Valls, 54, moved the ruling Socialist closer to the political centre as premier with controversial pro-business policies.