Kurdish YPG announces identity of fallen American fighter

Paolo Todd lost his life in Swadiyah village on January 15.

RAQQA (ANHA) – The YPG Press Center announced the identity of Paolo Todd (nom de guerre Kawa Amed), an American YPG fighter who died whilst fighting ISIS in Little Swadiyah village on January 15.

The YPG Press Center’s statement included the following:

“The fight against Daesh (ISIS) represents not only a fight against terrorism, but a struggle to protect human values.

That is why the resistance in Northern Syria and Rojava is growing because it fulfills the role of protecting the common values of the people.

Through this struggle with common resistance, many heroes from different parts of the world came to the land of Rojava. Numerous revolutionaries fought shoulder to shoulder to protect human values. One of them is Paolo Todd, who is code-named Kawa Amed. Todd, who joined the YPG ranks on November 4, 2016, fell as martyr on 15 January, 2017 in the village of Little Swadiyah, north of Raqqa.

As YPG-YPJ forces, we commemorate our martyr Paolo Todd (Kawa Amed) and remember all the freedom martyrs as we repeat the prospect of raising the struggle in their footsteps.”

Name: Paolo Todd

Code Name: Kawa Amed

Mother Name: Rachel Todd

Father Name: David Todd

Date of Birth: USA, Los Angeles

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Raqqa, Little Swadiyah village – 15.01.2017ʺ