US-backed Kurdish and Arab forces liberate 50 new villages in western Raqqa

RAQQA (ANF) – Wrath of Euphrates fighters advancing towards Raqqa from Qadiriye and Ayn Îsa directions linked up in Kermanco village on January 11 as the second stage of the military campaign to liberate Raqqa continues in its 34th day.

Fighters have since encircled an area of 550 km2 which involves 45 villages and 20 hamlets, to the west of the Sêgul village and east of Til Semen. While this area was later cleansed of ISIS groups, mop-up operations launched yesterday morning continued till Friday evening when the entire territory was completely taken under control.

Wrath of Euphrates fighters have taken control over an area of 2,644 km2 during the second stage of the operation to liberate Raqqa.