Rojda Felat: 2017 will witness the end of Islamic State

SDF commander Rojda Felat

RAQQA (ANHA)- The SDF commander Rojda Felat noted that their forces have achieved significant victories in the 2nd phase of the Wrath of Euphrates operation, pointing out that 2017 will witness Islamic State’s annihilation.

Rojda Felat statements came as ANHA agency held an interview with the SDF commander about the recent developments undergoing in the 2nd phase of the Wrath of Euphrates campaign, and other subjects whilst their forces are advancing towards al-Raqqa.

Would you inform us about the ongoing battles in the fighting axes?

Wrath of Euphrates campaign which started 25 days ago have been started from 2 axes: al-Qaderiyah and Tel Samin, our forces in Tel Samin have progressed 12 km till now with high spirits and great determination to liberate the city from ISIS.

Till now, we have not faced any big obstacles in our progress, the mercenaries would not stand our fighters resistance, so they turned to digging trenches, planting mines, bombing houses and would even try to hold their ground by sending every now and then bombed vehicles, but all their attempts fall flat before the struggle and resistance of SFD fighters, a huge amount of arms and ammunitions and many bodies of the mercenaries were also seized till now, in addition to that, hundreds of villages and hamlets have been liberated till now in both battle axes.

In spite of the vicious weather the region is witnessing, fighters of SFD have progressed and would not give heed to the changeable weather conditions, since our people are thirsty to gain their freedom, and we are working with all our capacities to progress and liberate these regions from ISIS control.

You have mentioned that hundreds of villages and hamlets have been liberated, how are the displaced secured?

With the beginning of the 2nd phase of the campaign, we have appealed to our people to head for SDF-held regions, in Tel Samin axis, liberated regions’ residents were evacuated to safer areas, to be relocated then in their own villages after affirming their safety.

In the 1st phase of the Wrath of Euphrates, we provided safe accommodations for people to reside in till their villages are liberated, which is done in the backlines of battlefields under the supervision of our forces, people, of course, are evacuated and delivered to safer areas to maintain their lives and security.

You launched Wrath of Euphrates in the end of 2016, SDF progress is still catching the attention of the world, you as SDF, will you keep your promise in eliminating ISIS?

Of course, Wrath of Euphrates was begun in the end of 2016 in order to defeat obscurantist powers and drain their springs, our operation is still underway with high morale and are progressing to liberate our people from the mercenaries’ gangs.

With the beginning of the new year, we strive to liberate al-Raqqa city from ISIS control, and we will keep our promise in freeing the last acre of this land, the more we approach al-Raqqa, the more we are determined to achieve victory.

We will be victorious particularly that the areas’ residents have come to realize the truth of the mercenaries’ gangs, and would not be deceived by their fake promises any more, we assure that 2017 will be witnessing ISIS annihilation.

The mercenaries would cause suffering everywhere they ended in, two years ago, ISIS kidnapped hundreds of Yazidi women and they were sold in slavery markets in al-Raqqa, in your opinion, to what extent will Wrath of Euphrates strive to redeem Yazidi women?

We have already promised, and would renew our promise that we as YPJ will strive to redeem Yazidi women from the mercenaries, our participation as YPJ in the ranks of Wrath of Euphrates is an evidence that we are proceeding in our way till all women oppressed by ISIS are liberated.

Our approach to this campaign is not limited to women liberation, we are also working on organizing, enlightening, and bringing about a much active role of women. The age of women slavery is over, where women were allocated to cook and have children, women today are more powerful than ever, they are holding arms, and fighting the worst terrorist groups ever in the world to defend their people and land.

We repeat our vows in liberating Yazidi women, and we will be commandos for all women suffering tightened oppression by the mercenaries.

We have just entered 2017, and your forces are advancing towards al-Raqqa, would you say anything to people dying for your forces arrival?

We would state from now, the new year will bring us victory, and we promise our people in al-Raqqa that mercenaries’ gangs will soon be defeated, people of al-Raqqa should be ready as the sun of freedom will be shining soon in your skies.