Kurdish YPG says two of its fighters from the UK and Canada killed while fighting ISIS

Ryan Lock from UK and Nazzareno Antonio Tassone from Canada lost their lives in western Raqqa on December 21, 2016

RAQQA (ANF) – YPG Press Office has announced the ID details of its two foreign fighters, Berxwedan Givara (Ryan Lock) and Agır Ararat (Nazzareno Antonio Tassoned) who fell fighting ISIS in Jaber village of Raqqa on December 21.

YPG stated that both of the heroic fighters Agır and Berxwedan had taken their part in the operation to liberate the Raqqa city from ISIS occupation, launched on November 5, 2016.

“Both played a major role in the heavy blows inflicted against the ISIS as they fought alongside Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters. They mounted great resistance despite all the challenging circumstances since the first day of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. Comrade Agır (Nazzareno Antonio Tassoned) fell a martyr in his emplacement whilst putting up a brave fight against ISIS gangs until the last bullet. Comrade Berxwedan (Ryan Lock) has taken place on the front lines since the first day of the operation, and mounted resistance on a self-sacrifical basis against the ISIS gangs. Both of our comrades have shown our friends and enemies what bravery means.”

YPG said they were deeply hurt by the death of Agır and Berxwedan who set an example to other fighters as well.

“The struggle they gave under the flag of resistance is an honor to us. Both of our comrades that devoted their life to the fraternity of peoples have become a symbol and example in the world.”

YPG commemorated all their fighters in the person of Agır and Berxwedan that fell martyr during the Raqqa operation, offered condolences to the families of both combatants, and pledged to keep their struggle going.

The ID details of the fallen YPG volunteers are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Berxwedan Givara

First-Last Name: Ryan Lock

Mother’s Name: Cathrin

Father’s Name: John

Place of Birth: Chichester, UK

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Raqqa, Jaber Xerbi / 21-12-2016


Nom de Guerre: Agır Ararat

First-Last Name: Nazzareno Antonio Tassoned

Mother’s Name: Tina

Father’s Name: Mark

Place of Birth: New Market-Ontario-Canada

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Raqqa, Jaber Xerbi / 21-12-2016