Kurdish Defense Forces release balance sheet of war with Turkey for 2016

BEHDINAN (ANF) – Kurdish HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office has released the balance sheet of war with Islamist Turkish government for the year of 2016.

The statement said that guerrillas as People’s Defense Forces fought a battle of resistance against the attacks launched by Turkish colonialists throughout 2016 based on policies of genocide and all-out annihilation.

HPG stressed that the battle that escalated during the first months of the year later enhanced and expanded from Amed to Botan, Dersim, Serhat, Amanos and Black Sea regions.

The statement emphasised that:

“During this huge battle of resistance, Turkish state forces suffered their heaviest losses in the war of 2016. The annihilation operations they launched with thousands of soldiers and technically equipped heavy weaponry had to be retreated due to the losses of Turkish forces. The enemy forces failed in the guerrilla war which has been carried out more professionally.”

HPG said hundreds of guerrillas gave a struggle on a self-sacrificial basis, and commemorated all the guerrillas and patriotic civilians that lost their lives during the resistance to protect the values created by the Kurdish people.

The statement gave the following detailed figures as to the balance sheet of war between guerrillas and Turkish forces throughout the year of 2016:


Land operations carried out by the Turkish Army: 323

Aerial attacks (warplanes): 406

Cobra helicopter attacks: 88

Mortar, howitzer and tank attacks: 493


Actions carried out by guerrillas and clashes: 1150 (160 clashes)

Determined death personnel of Turkish forces (police-military): 3404 (38 high-ranking)

Determined wounded personnel of Turkish forces: 1334

Destroyed military (armored) vehicles: 166 (including 8 tanks)

Damaged military (armored) vehicles: 48

Destroyed aerial vehicles: 4 (including one F-16 jet)

Damaged helicopters: 25 (14 Sikorsky, 11 Cobra)

Actions with unverified results: 286

Martyred guerillas: 585 (13 fell in Shengal)

Imprisoned guerrillas: 14