People of liberated villages in Raqqa welcome US-backed forces with joy

RAQQA (ANHA) – Residents in western Raqqa are welcoming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters leading the campaign to liberate Raqqa with great joy after having their villages liberated.reqqa-cawa-gel-servan-bisoazi-kirin-9

Villagers from the Raqqa villages Tiwêhîniyê and Hewîce, located 100 kilometres west of Raqqa, expressed their happiness in seeing SDF fighters by dancing as soon as they saw the fighters.

A villager expressed her happiness in having her village liberated by holding up a YPJ flag, in other scenes women were seen holding the SDF flag.

A resident named Suad Elî told ANHA: “Our village has been rescued, we are very happy”, as he expressed his joy.

Another resident named Aliya Ehmed said: “I have learnt want it means to be free and from now onwards we shall live free”.

SDF fighters continue on advancing in the second phase of the Wrath of Euphrates campaign.