US-backed forces fight Turkish terror around Manbij

US-backed Kurdish and Arab forces fighting Turkish army and its proxies around Manbij

MANBIJ (KDN) – Turkish terror army and its proxy terror groups have started to bombard the Qirtwêran village to the west of Manbij with fighter jets and mortars on early Wednesday. The aggression is ongoing according to local sources.

On the other hand, reports are coming through of severe clashes between Manbij Military Council and Turkish terror army and affiliated jihadist groups in the village of Cibildemê to the southwest of Manbij.

In the meantime, there is also an activity of Turkish reconnaissance aircraft over western Manbij.

Earlier today, Manbij Military Council fighters have destroyed a tank that had infiltrated in between the villages of Bêşemêlê and Cibildem.