Breaking: Kurdish politicians were target of ISIS bombing in Diyarbakir

AMED (KDN) – A car bomb, which went off in front of Turkey’s Diyarbakir Police Headquarters on early Friday, November 4, targeted detained Kurdish politicians, HDP lawmaker Ziya Pir said.

According to Pir, arrested Kurdish lawmakers including co-leader Demirtas and others were being held in the building while ISIS detonated a bomb-laden car.

Th attack which was claimed by Turkey-backed ISIS terror group on late Friday, came two days after an audio message – purportedly made by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – was released two days ago, in which he urges fighters to attack both Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

However, Turkey has never been a target for ISIS. The attack on Kurdish politicians shows how to read Baghdadi’s message. The meaning of Baghdadi’s words is “Don’t hurt Erdogan and his supporters target the Kurds”. In last two years Kurds have been constant target of double terrorism both from Turkish government and its proxy ISIS terror group.

Pir, who was among those arrested on late November 3 and released on November 4, said on his Twitter account that HDP’s head of Cüngüs district lost his life in the bombing and Figen Yüksekdag and Sürreya Önder escaped the attacks in matter of seconds. “HDP co-leader Demirtas, Diyarbakir MP Nurdogan ve Yildirim and I were taken out minutes before the attack”, Pir said.

The bomb attack left 11 Kurdish civilians dead and more than 100 injured.

Dozens of Kurdish politicians are being held in the police headquarters since early October.