Preparations for World Kobane Day underway

KOBANE (ANF) – Kobanê is ready to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of its liberation. Tomorrow at 10 am, tens of thousands of people will come together in Rêtiyê Primary School in Kobanê and celebrate World Kobanê Day.

YPG and YPJ fighters wounded during the historic resistance, as well as TEV-DEM and PYD officials will participate in tomorrow’s celebration, which will begin with an art exhibition. Later, a film on the 134 day-long resistance will be screened. Then, Veterans Committee member Serkan Kobanê, who was injured in İzahe region to the west of Kobanê and has not fully recovered, will address the crowd through a teleconference, and Canton President Enver Müslim and TEVDEM and PYD officials will make speeches. The celebration will end with the performances of TEV-ÇAND affiliate music and theater groups.

Mahmut Ehmed, one of the civilians that did not abandon Kobanê during the resistance, is looking forward to the celebration and saluted the resistance fighters that have made November 1 possible. Ehmed emphasized that an honorable struggle for resistance has been waged against the reactionary mentality of ISIS, and said “The entire world has seen this struggle. They stood up for Kobanê and the increased the meaning of the resistance.” Ehmed noted that with their struggle in Pirsus (Suruç), the people of North Kurdistan had an important role in the resistance and the victory.

PYD Party Assembly member İdris Nasan stated that international powers have not kept their promises to Kobanê regarding the city’s reconstruction, and said that Kobanê has carried out reconstruction efforts by itself.

ISIS gangs had been supported through the Girê Spî border gate and began to attack Kobanê in July 2013. The attacks had transformed into an occupation attempt on June 2014, and YPG, YPJ and internationalist forces supported by the thousands of people that swarmed to Pirsus (Suruç) had put up a historic resistance. As Turkey supported ISIS gangs through the border, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed his anticipation of ISIS occupation as he said “Kobanê is about to fall.” However, after 134 days of resistance, Kobanê was liberated and millions of people took to the streets across the world on November 1 in solidarity with the resistance and struggle. Unknown to the world until 2014, Kobanê became the hope of the world with its legendary resistance. November 1 was announced as World Kobanê Day and millions of people celebrated the victory of Kobanê on the streets.

November 1 was declared as World Kobanê Day after the efforts of human rights defender Adolfo Perez Esquivel and American philosopher Prof. Noam Chomsky. Millions of people from 29 cities and 30 countries celebrated Kobanê victory and saluted resistance forces on November 1, 2014.