Aldar Xelil: Raqqa operation to start soon

Kurdish forces heading to Raqqa frontlines

Rojava’s TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society) Coordination member Aldar Xelil spoke to Kurdish ANF Agency on the latest situation in the region and Turkey’s attempt to deepen the conflict in Syria and Iraq.


Xelil made striking evaluations regarding the Raqqa operation over which Turkey attempts to bargain with the US. Xelil stated that an agreement has been reached between the Coalition forces and the SDF, which includes YPG, on the operation to encircle Raqqa which remains under ISIS occupation.

Xelil stated that: “The administration of Rojava Autonomous Cantons also approves this operation. After the encirclement of the city, the operation will evolve into an offensive to clear Raqqa of ISIS. The operation on Raqqa will start soon.”


Xelil also commented on the Turkish state’s goals and intentions on Northern Syria, Northern Kurdistan and Southern Kurdistan.

Xelil pointed out that the Turkish state has targeted all the Kurds and the Rojava Revolution since the very beginning. According to Xelil, Turkey first wanted to attain a result by using gang groups against Rojava but this plan has failed, upon which Turkey got personally involved in the war in an attempt to realize its goal of invasion.

Xelil said: “Turkey has planned to invade Syria, Northern Syria and Rojava since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution. However, it wanted to achieve this by means of gang groups affiliated to itself. It had been planning to invade Syria by enabling these groups to come to power in Syria. When this plan failed, Turkey entered the Northern Syria land and started an invasion, which has worked in some areas already. Turkey wanted to cross the border in Efrîn, and realized this intention in some areas, like in Shehba region. It will now enter and invade any area it can.”

Xelil stressed that the invasion attempt of the Turkish state is not restricted with Rojava alone, and targets the entire Kurdistan territory.

He continued: “Turkey has re-invaded the Northern Kurdistan territory through massacres and attempts of political and physical genocide. Now it wants to invade Rojava as well, while Southern Kurdistan also remains under a huge threat of Turkey. This danger can be seen clearly when one looks at the Turkish state’s discourses on Mosul and Shengal. Turkey tries to hide its intention by listing these names for it basically plans to invade Southern Kurdistan as well. The Kurdish people and the Kurdish political and military will must know this truth well, and engage in a struggle accordingly. If this is not done, and if a common attitude against Turkey is not taken, the Turkish state will do any madness possible to realize its goal.”


Xelil emphasised that the Turkish state will attempt to invade Southern Kurdistan as well unless the forces there unite and adopt a stance against these dangerous plans and goals of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He pointed out that: “The steps Erdoğan takes are not restricted with creating a chaos in the region. With these steps, he wants to deepen the chaos in Iraq and Syria. In addition to this, he wants to drag the Iraqi state and the international forces that have interests on the region into this chaos. Thus he wants to deepen the problem and create a deadlock. This is a very dangerous situation but he does not abstain from doing this and taking such steps.”

Remarking that Erdoğan’s plans and goals are not restricted with these, Xelil said: “What Erdoğan wants is to put the entire region in jeopardy and spread the conflict across the whole territory. One can comfortably say that he himself has gone down and wants everyone else to go down with him. This is because of the fact that the steps he is taking are escalating the conflict and chaos in the region. His approaches are leading to conflicts among sects, peoples and faith groups. He is doing this intentionally with the ultimate goal of deepening the deadlock in Syria and Iraq. He actually wants to destabilize the region and drag it into a dead conflict.”

Xelil emphasised that Turkey will not achieve this goal because peoples have revealed a will against this attempt and gained awareness against these dangerous steps.