Cinema: OUR WAR at Stockholm Film Festival

STOCKHOLM (KDN) – Our War, a film based on the real life stories of three westerners who joined Kurdish forces in Syria to fight ISIS, will be screened at Stockholm Film Festival taking place in November.

Karim a former activist from Italy, Joshua a Marine from the US and Rafael a security guard from Sweden have joined the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Rojava, northern part of Syria, to fight against ISIS. For different, very personal reasons, they have each flown to Syria to join hundreds of men and women in the war.

This documentary delves deeper into the war in Syria and Iraq and shows what YPG is doing to stop ISIS from spreading their terror any further. In the film we follow each man’s journey from his life back home to his experience in Syria and examine how he ends up in the YPG, instead of joining the military. »OUR WAR« makes its audience consider what motivates a person to leave everything to fight in a war, a war that is very far removed from his own daily life. With footage from the actual battlefield and a story unlike many others, we are left to consider which risks are worth taking and what justifies the taking of another’s life.

Title: Our War
Director: Benedetta Argentieri, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Claudio
Country: Italy
Length: 68 min
Festival: 2016
Section: Documentary Competition
Language: English, Italian, Kurdish, Arabic

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