Aldar Xelil: Rojava Between The Liberation Project And Fettering Attempts

It is no longer a secret that things in Syria are going through difficult phases that require a sense of patriotism and sacrifice for the solution. Working in an elusive way or any attempt to circumvent the serving solution for the Syrian people is a conspiracy against the solution itself. Rojava ― northern Syria ― is the area in Syria that has worked the most and continues to exert efforts to maintain the unity of Syrian territory and build a new decentralized Syria based on the principles of equality and justice. Rojava, which has defeated terrorism and put forward solutions that are beneficial to the Syrian people, is under attack by the anti-Syrian solution’s forces. Turkey is trying everything to find “oppositions” that are appropriate and suitable for the Turkish solution in Syria ― undoubtedly serving the Turkish interests in Syria and not the Syrian ones. Since the start of the Syrian dilemma, Rojava has not hesitated for a moment to be an important part of the Syrian solution equation.

Fighting terrorism, from Iraq to Syria, is the responsibility of everyone concerned with the Syrian affairs. Many regional countries, especially Turkey, bear the responsibility of the expansion of terrorism. Despite the attempts to drag the people in Rojava ― northern Syria ― into ploys and attempts to circumvent and conspiracies against the Syrian solution, our people have been able to discover all the plots and projects, designed to transform the area into a soft side through which Syria can be divided. In addition to these conspiracies, many have also attempted to distort the facts and the heroic resistance of Rojava forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), through a special war, utilizing their false media propaganda.

We made our revolution to achieve the ambition that so many of our finest sons and daughters martyred for. We do not fight in a strange land. It is the land of Syria which belongs to us all Syrians. We are fighting to defend the world in the geographic area where our troops are currently stationed. Daesh is a real danger, not only to Rojava and Syria, but to the entire world. California, Paris, Austria and Germany all have suffered from the terrorism that we are fighting today. If we had not liberated the key areas of terrorists’ presence, such as Manbij, there would have been more terrorist attacks in other cities in the world. We find ourselves partners in protecting Syria and the world from terrorism.

Our revolution is a revolution for human liberation and building of a just society. When we liberate areas, which are mainly the areas where our people and the people of the region live, we do not violate international laws and conventions. Turkey’s incursion into Jarablus has disrupted our joint operations, together with the international coalition against ISIL. Consequently, without this intervention, and the international silent attitude towards it, Daesh today would have been in a much more difficult situation. We, despite the overwhelming victories, still believe that the elimination of terrorism, once and for all, is our national duty. We would have liberated more areas, but Turkey’s support for terrorism and incursion into Syria’s territory, which is a clear violation of international law, have obstructed the process. The world is still silent and we have not seen anyone denouncing or condemning Turkey’s move and its attempts to replace Daesh with other proxies to legitimize its incursion. It must be emphasized that the silent attitude towards Turkey’s incursion and plans, have unfortunately impacted negatively on all the joint efforts to eliminate Daesh. It should also be noted that Daesh exploits this attitude and will rebuild its terrorist strategies and increase its strength. Today, when we want to connect Afrin with Kobani, and rescue our people from the practices of takfiri forces and the Baathist regime’s proxies, we hear voices that advocates the need to prevent us, even though we are not fighting in a geographic territory that is outside our region. The whole of Syria is a region that we must defend and Afrin is included. Our people live in Afrin and our people possess the right to liberate and defend it, otherwise we will not be any different from those who conspire against their people and sell the blood of innocent people in political auctions.

Perhaps, the year 2011 was the year when the Syrian revolution started, and many parties provided their nominal support for this revolution and claimed that they were the supporters of the Syrian people. However, a long before that, and more precisely in March 2004, our people in Rojava participated in a peaceful demonstration, demanding their rights, and were subsequently exposed to mass murder at the hands of the Baathist regime. Today, the same parties that claim to be in support of the Syrian people, called the 2004 Qamishlo incident a public riot not a movement by oppressed people demanding democracy. This type of hypocrisy cannot be hidden any longer. Who advocates the fight against a particular regime and seeks freedom for their people does not care about time and affiliation.

For decades, we in Rojava have been the victims of the Baathist regime – a regime that deprived our people of their basic civil rights and stripped them of Syrian citizenship, in addition to arbitrary arrest and other brutal methods of punishment. Since the start of the revolution, we have followed our own “third way” policy and refused to enter any political games. Both the regime and radical groups have fought us and our project. Recently, the regime conspired with Turkey and Iran in Hasaka against us. Their goal was to hit the state of peaceful co-existence, which prevails in our society, between all components, such as the Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs and Assyrians. This co-existence represents the essence and spirit of our project in Syria. Therefore, the above-mentioned regimes conspired against our people’s project to undermine their role in the Syrian solution.

We advocate peace and freedom and we sacrifice for our people, the peoples of the region and the world. We seek to build a society that is free, coherent and decentralized and we are open to all solutions that stop the split of the Syrian body. We will not be satisfied with our region and Syria becoming a safe haven for terrorism and political conspiracies. We will never stop fighting terrorism at its roots. Therefore, any complacency with a side that supports terrorism worries us and develops a sense of displeasure and resentment. Turkey’s incursion into Syria recently, and the American and European silence, have caused resentful feelings and discontentment. There are international and American fighters who have been fighting with us against terrorism and some were martyred defending the values of their societies. They were aware that terrorism would affect the world and they knew that by defending our land and fighting terrorism meant defending their communities. Today, when their governments remain silent towards a country that supports terrorism, they, in fact, deny the heroic sacrifices of their citizens and do not take the necessary measures to deter terrorism, which threatens their own people.

We are very proud today that we are the advocate of right, and the advocate of a pioneering national project in the Middle East. We feel that our message needs assistance and support, because it is a message of all peoples eager for democracy, freedom and equality. Based on this, we in Rojava will continue our struggle and democratic project until our people achieve their right to liberty and democracy. We will also continue our fight to reach a solution in Syria and build a free democratic society based on security and social justice.

Source: Huffington Post